Some Basic Notes about Press Release

A Press Release is important as it provides to the readers’ information about the company’s profile and consists news items/matter which is newsworthy. A Press Release can get your business noticed. Some basics to be followed are firstly that in the Press Release, contact information such as Name, Phone, Website, Email, Address of Business should be provided. Also, the date should be provided to know whether the news is fresh or outdated.

When writing about an event, few questions which needs to be answered are:

  • Where is the event?
  • Who is organizing/sponsoring it?
  • When will it be? Date, Day and Time?
  • Where will it be held?

These are some of the basics to be answered about the event.

After the event is held, then the business/company may provide more details of how the event went about and photos can be forwarded to be published with the Press Release. Include the names of all the people in the photos, where required.

What may generate interest to the readers? There needs to be something interesting to make the news attractive. Be different. What may generate interest are: awards, partnerships/mergers, affiliations, special offers, introducing new business concepts, new appointments etc.

Do send the Press Release to us typed in MS Word or in the body of email and photos be sent as attachments in .jpg format.

All businesses, irrespective of their size and turnover, may forward their Press Releases to be published on our network of sites.